OneHealthPort offers a single-sign-on service so that healthcare workers can access all participating sites and applications with a single login and password.  The healthcare sites are used to meet real business needs like answering questions about eligibility, claims status, and other important issues.   Read more.

In collaboration with Washington state health plans, public payers, hospitals, practices and public policy makers OneHeathPort is working hard in a number of areas to help simplify health care administration in Washington state.  Read more.

Washington State’s Health Information Exchange is a  program to connect all healthcare organizations. If your organization has a need to share clinical or business information in standardized message formats from your systems to others, the Health Information Exchange may be of interest to you. Read More.

ProviderSource is an on-line service to help healthcare providers manage provider data used for credentialing and privileging. With Provider Source, your practice enters data once and attests to it multiple times during the year. The service prompts you to keep your information current. Read more.